The Encouragement of Employer Participation in the World of Work Exploration for Students’ Career Development

An event organised by the Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training (KRIVET) a national policy research organisation under the Prime Minister’s Office.

What does “career” mean to you?

Dr Deirdre Hughes, the chair of the National Careers Council in England and her team took to the streets of London to find out what the ordinary man and woman in the street think about the idea of a career and the support available to them.

Produced with the support of Barclays Life Skills, this video includes interviews with Adviza, the Association of School & College Leaders, the Federation of Small Businesses and the National Careers Institute.

Filmed in London during August 2014

What does “career” mean to you? from The Creative Grid on Vimeo.

“The Evidence Base for Careers Work: Making a Difference?”

Deirdre Hughes
Institute of Career Guidance, UK

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Part 4 of 4:

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