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Keep on top of developments in your field, be ready to focus on and meet new challenges and gain fresh ideas.

DMH & Associates Ltd. offer high quality good value training courses with emphasis on impact for organisations wishing to develop their staff to achieve excellence in careers provision.

Dr Deirdre Hughes, OBE and Senior Associates are highly qualified and expert in their chosen field, with experiences drawn both from local, regional, national, EU and international leading-edge developments. This means you can benefit from top quality up-to-date tuition and support informed by careers policy, research and practice.

These  courses can contribute towards accreditation  for professional qualifications, if required or alternatively for  personnal and professional development by individuals or organisations for whom each course can be tailored to meet specific requirements.

Please find below a list of  training courses.  To view the course description, and client testimonials click on the course title or to identify a course that is specific to your area of interest use the contact link above.

A New Era in Careers

A highly practical one-day course that considers the implications of careers policy developments for practice and gives delegates an opportunity to try out activities that can be used as part of a staff development programme in schools, colleges, local authorities and other community settings.

LMI in Practice

A highly practical day focusing on the implications of LMI developments for working more effectively with clients and trying out activities that can be used as part of a staff development programme in schools, colleges, local authorities and other appropriate settings. Aimed at equiping advisers and teachers to be more informed about the relationship between labour market intelligence and information (LMI) and applying this effectively into practice. This is highly relevant to current policy and practice debates on the specific role of careers professionals and ‘significant others’ e.g. teachers, parents and employers

Career Adaptability

This progrmme draws upon a range of theoretical frameworks and practical approaches for developing career adaptability on a lifelong basis. Those who do not engage in substantive up-skilling or re-skilling through either formal learning or learning through work, for periods of five to ten years, run the risk of being ‘locked into’ a particular way of working. They become more vulnerable in the labour market, especially where there is a significant change in their job or their circumstances, because their ability to be adaptable with regard to their career progression can decay.

Careers guidance, coaching and counselling Day 1

Careers guidance, coaching and counselling Day 2

The world of opportunities is rapidly changing and increasingly complex. Rather than a job for life with a stable job role, people have to navigate constant change. In this 2 day course we briefly explore the limitations of traditional career choice theory and consider recent developments.  Day two considers further the practical implications and working through some of the main challenges in guidance practice. It is assumed that advisers will already possess basic coaching and guidance skills e.g. establishing rapport, questioning and listening.

Evidence and Impact of Careers Work

An exploration of evidence-base practice (EBP) philosophy, theory and context, followed by practical techniques in which careers professionals can inform, develop and influence the policy into practice agenda.

A highly practical day the implications of careers policy developments for practice and trying out activities that can be used as part of a staff development programme in schools, colleges, local authorities and other appropriate community settings.


This 2 day programme aims to develop participants’ knowledge and confidence to deliver effective group sessions within a supportive and nurturing environment.

It explores the theoretical base for group delivery as well as practical solutions to the planning, delivery and evaluation of group work sessions. There will be opportunities to participate in group activities, discuss potential critical incidents, develop responses to behavioural issues and on day two, to deliver a simulated practice session to colleagues. The culmination of the two days will give participants the core components of a ‘group work toolkit’ from which they can deliver their own unique style and activities.

Higher Education -Where Next ?

This programme is aimed at an Adviser or Teacher who may be involved with working in a school sixth form, sixth form centre, further education college or other advice centre where they may be offering careers information, advice and/or guidance on applying to higher education and its graduate employment implications.

This course is not a policy overview, looking at the UK higher-education system and whether it has a long-term future or whether its systems of admission are ‘fair’.  The training is about doing the job well!  If you are an adviser or teacher that is involved with providing information advice and guidance to higher education applicants, this module tries to show you the basics that are required to operate in the field.

ICT, social networking and the delivery of online personalised services

A beginners / intermediate course for individuals who want to explore ways of using and creating careers resources in their everyday work with young people and adults.

This course examines the skills and competences required of careers professionals to use technology for guidance in practice and also at some of the different tools and processes for supporting e-guidance. The lessons learned are also highly relevant for developing a dynamic and interactive careers education programme. It will also heighten awareness of the potential of ICT and changing technologies for providing guidance services and provides a safe place to practice ways of using technology and social networking applications within careers learning and exploration activities.

Note: 20 delegates maximum per course

Evaluation, Research & Development

DMH & Associates Ltd offers high quality services drawing on the international, national and local evidence base for careers work. We work in partnership with a wide range of organisations to find innovative and practical ways of developing effective careers policies, research and practice.
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