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International Symposium 2015 ‘Building the Talent Pipeline and Providing Youth with Hope for the Future’, De Moines, Iowa, USA.

Hughes, D. (2015). ‘UK Country Team Report’  – Visit:   See also other Country and Specialist Organisations’ reports: 

International: ‘Prove It Works’

Expert academic member of an inter nation expert group dedicated to examining evidence-based careers policy, researc and practice, comprising leading representatives from Australia, Canada, Finland, New Zealand, South Korea and Tasmania.

International Symposia Contributions – some selected examples

Hughes, D. (2015). UK Careers Policy, Research & Practice: where next? European Conference: Counseling and Vocational Education 2015, Cyprus (Keynote: 24th April 2015)

Hughes, D. (2015). Lifelong Guidance: looking ahead towards new frontiers in careers policy, research and practice, Hungarian Lifelong Guidance Conference, Budapest (Keynote: 21st May 2015)

Hughes, D. (2014). Guidance and Counselling: New Directions? II Seminário de Psicologia e Orientação em Contexto Escolar, Lisboa, Governo de Portugal, Conference Keynote Address (2nd December 2014)

Hughes, D., Bimrose, J., Brown, C., Goddard, T., and Kettunen, J. (2013).  E-Careers Services Symposium: expanding the limits of design, technology, and practice. CDDA Communiqué, Sydney: Career Development Association of Australia. Available online:


  • NGCE, Dublin (March 2013) – Keynote speaker at National Conference
  • Uppsala, Sweden (December 2012) – Keynote speaker at National Conference
  • Tallin, Estonia (November 2012) –  Keynote speaker at National Conference
  • Mannheim, Germany (October 2012)  –  Member of the International Scientific Committee
  • Copenhagen, Denmark (2012)  – Keynote speaker at National Education Conference: Policy, Research and Practice in Careers Work
  • Hungary (2011) UK Country Report Template provided by Dr Deirdre Hughes to DBIS, LSC, DWP, DELNI, Welsh Assembly Government, and Future Skills Scotland. Visit:
  • New Zealand (2009) UK Country Report: Career Development and Public Policy, Lead writer commissioned by DBIS, LSC, DWP, DELNI, Welsh Assembly Government, and Future Skills Scotland, to feed into the fourth International Symposium on Career Development and Public Policy, Wellington, NZ. Visit:
  • UK Country Report for Finnish Presidency Conference (2006). Update on Progress in Implementing the May 2004 Council Resolution on Guidance Throughout Life. Commissioned by the Department for Employment and Skills, Sheffield: Moorfoot, pp. 1-19, November 2006.
  • Shaping the Future: Connecting Career Development and Workforce Development: UK Country Paper, Third International Symposium on Career Development and Public Policy, Queensland University of Technology, Queensland, Australia, pp. 1- 12. Visit: 

Evaluation, Research & Development

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