Evidence and Impact of Career and Guidance – Related Interventions

Deirdre Hughes successfully completed a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Through Publications (18th March 2008) onThe UK Evidence-Base for Careers Work’ at Derby University. She specialises in UK, EU and International evidence and impact of career and guidance-related interventions.

Much of her research findings have been published internationally in many different languages including:

Professional On-line Resource (2009) Evidence and Impact: guidance-related interventions, sponsored by CfBT, Reading. Visithttp://www.eep.ac.uk/dnn2/ResourceArea/Careersworkexperienceemployment/tabid/170/Default.aspx


See also: Smith Institute Monograph, London (2011) A New Era for Careers: choices and consequences. Visit: http://www.smith-institute.org.uk/file/Women%20in%20SET.pdf

Evaluation, Research & Development

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