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European projects: Deirdre Hughes is currently working on three major pan-European R & D projects

Eu-flag-vector-material2Scalable & cost-effective facilitation of professional identity transformation in EU public employment services (2014 – 2018). EmployID project is a major EU-funded four-year project which aims to support PES staff to develop appropriate competences that address the need for integration and activation of job seekers in fast changing labour markets. Visit:



logo_cedefop Labour Market Information in Lifelong Guidance: Analysing the role of labour market information (LMI) and intelligence in successful guidance and careers education. The main tasks to be undertaken are: 1) The production of a comparative review of strategies of LMI usage in guidance and careers education across the EU; 2) The production of a practitioners’ toolkit for successful usage of LMI in guidance and careers education activities, 3) The production of a users’ toolkit for successful usage of LMI in career planning. Work to be developed will rely on document analysis and desk-research, case-study methodology and interviews. Key findings and tools will aim at supporting the guidance and career education activities of employment services, training providers and schools as well as the design of self-help tools. Visit: 

elgpn-logoEuropean Lifelong Guidance Policy Network (ELGPN) (2011-present). Consultant on Quality Assurance and Evidence-base Policy and Systems Development working with EU countries to design and develop a common EU quality assurance and evidence-base (QAE) Framework and policy dialogue tool. Visit:

European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network (ELGPN) Youth Unemployment: A Crisis in Our Midst (2012) Analysis and review of EU responses to Youth Unemployment: co-authored paper with Dr Tibor Bors-Borbely Peceze (Hungary). Visit:

logoCEJI, Brussels (2008-2009) Evaluator an EU-funded programme Religion, Belief and Anti-Discrimination with Geoff Gration, DMH & Associates Ltd Associate. This led to the creation of Belieforama which now offers a panoramic approach to issues of religion, belief and anti-discrimination, bringing a variety of views, perspectives and sectors to the table and empowering all (including those of no belief or practice) to engage in this theme. Central to the work of Belieforama is its ‘Community of Practice’, a connected network of practitioners.

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