Recruitment Policy

Recruitment Policy and Associates Memorandum of Understanding



Recruitment policy


Associates of DMH & Associates Ltd. are drawn from a variety of sources from within and outside the guidance and social research field and are selected in accordance with a rigorous procedure based upon proven expertise and a track record in one or more relevant research area, supported by appropriate evidence-based documentation. Associate membership is ratified for a specified period (normally one year); in particular instances this period may be extended.


In support of its Associates, DMH & Associates Ltd., will: 


1)    where appropriate, sub-contract with the Associate for specific project work in accordance with a contract letter and signed agreement;


2)    for any satisfactorily completed sub-contracted  work, comply with the procedure contained within the DMH & Associates Ltd., ‘Invoicing and Payment Guidelines’;


3)    ensure that any sub-contracted work that involves the Associate working on a self-employed basis is offered in compliance with the relevant Inland Revenue guidance[1];


4)    provide core support services to Associates, when necessary and as appropriate;


5)    review annually, and if appropriate renew, the Associate`s membership; and


6)    keep the Associate up to date with all relevant DMH Associates’ matters, including opportunities for consultancy, project and development work.



Associates Memorandum of Understanding

Associates may be sub-contracted by DMH & Associates Ltd., and paid for the satisfactory completion of tasks specified, on a project by project basis according to the terms of separate contract letters. Where mutually beneficial, and by mutual agreement, Associates may occasionally represent DMH & Associates Ltd., at events on either a paid or unpaid basis.  The Associate title is operational only within the timescale agreed by both parties (usually one year), subject to renewal.


By becoming affiliated with DMH & Associates,Ltd., the Associate agrees to:


1)    represent him/herself as an Associate of DMH & Associates Ltd., in all matters of client liaison and any other aspect of DMH Associates-related work;


2)    be responsible for the satisfactory completion of project work, as specified in the relevant contract letter;


3)    be responsible for the correction of any perceived unsatisfactory work in his/her own time and at his/her own expense;


4)    comply with DMH & Associates Ltd., policies and procedures in the execution of DMH Associates’ work;


5)    invoice for payment for any sub-contracted project work in accordance with the DMH & Associates Ltd., ‘Invoicing and Payment Guidelines’;


6)    be responsible for his/her own income tax and National Insurance in respect of any DMH & Associates Ltd., sub-contracted project work, and be registered with the appropriate authority for such purposes;


7)    give at least four weeks written notice in the event that he/she is obliged to withdraw from a project due to unforeseen circumstances;


8)    act in the spirit of integrity and trust implicit within the ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ and, in particular, agree to discuss with DMH & Associates Ltd., any instances where a client, known to the associate as a result of his/her links with DMH & Associates Ltd., wishes to commission directly with the individual for further work in a related field within one year of the end of a DMH & Associates Ltd., project.



Evaluation, Research & Development

DMH & Associates Ltd offers high quality services drawing on the international, national and local evidence base for careers work. We work in partnership with a wide range of organisations to find innovative and practical ways of developing effective careers policies, research and practice.
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