Quality Assurance


Quality assurance: key aims


Quality assurance and continuous improvement form an integral part of the DMH & Associates Ltd., business plan. In order to develop a culture of excellence in all aspects of the work and operation of DMH & Associates Ltd., the policy aims:


  1. To develop robust systems, processes, monitoring and evaluation of DMH & Associates Ltd., work programme and activities, to ensure that services are delivered to agreed high standards, and that lessons learned through practice feed back into future service development/delivery.


  1. To develop the capacity of the Associate staffing team to contribute to DMH & Associates Ltd., business goals, and to deliver service excellence to individual and organisational clients/users.


  1. To develop excellence through appropriate business, and to benchmark aspects of service delivery against best practice in relevant/comparable areas.


These aims are supported by procedures describing the operation, monitoring and quality assurance of key areas of the DMH & Associates ltd., operations.  These procedures are made available to all Associates, as and when appropriate.


Project management guidelines


The DMH & Associates Ltd., Director provides a single point of contact for each research project team, liasing with the client and providing overall project management.


Project management plans will include:


a)            Allocation of a project reference number to be assigned to all project-related correspondence.

b)            A project Gantt Chart that sets out milestones and targets to be agreed with the client.

c)            Timescale for completion of work agreed with the client and the project team.

d)            Budget and invoicing schedule agreed with the client and summarised on a Tender Confirmation of Acceptance Sheet.

e)            Clear arrangements for signing off the work within a specified timescale summarised on the Tender Confirmation of Acceptance Sheet.


The DMH & Associates Ltd., Director will be responsible for:


a)            Developing the project plan.

b)            Translating the project development plan into research, evaluation or administrative roles responsibilities and tasks.

c)            Acting as the main contact with the client unless agree otherwise.

d)            Contract compliance issues.

e)            Ensuring that the project completes on schedule

f)             Ensuring that the project completes on budget.

g)            Quality assurance of the final report(s) with the support of a ‘Critical Reader’.



Evaluation, Research & Development

DMH & Associates Ltd offers high quality services drawing on the international, national and local evidence base for careers work. We work in partnership with a wide range of organisations to find innovative and practical ways of developing effective careers policies, research and practice.
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