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  • Hughes, D. (2015). UK Country Report, International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy, Iowa, USA (14th -17th June 2015)
  • Hughes, D. (2015). Lifelong Guidance: looking ahead towards new frontiers in careers policy, research and practice, Hungarain Lifelong Guidane Conference, Budapest (Keynote: 21st May 2015)
  • Hughes, D. (2015). UK Careers Policy, Research & Practice: where next? European Conference: Counseling and Vocational Education 2015, Cyprus (Keynote: 24th April 2015)
  • Hughes, D. (2015) A journey of discovery: signal failure? Stemtech Conference, London (29th April, 2015)
  • Hughes, D. (2014). Guidance and Counselling: New Directions? II Seminário de Psicologia e Orientação em Contexto Escolar, Lisboa, Governo de Portugal, Conference Keynote Address (2nd December 2014)
  • Hughes, D. (2014). Shifting Sands: International Perspectives in Career Development, Glasgow: Career Development Institute, Conference Keynote Address (17th November 2014)
  • Hughes, D. (2014). Youth Transitions: Measuring What Counts, London: RSA and Pearsons –‘Planning for real impact in meeting the youth employment challenge’, Conference Keynote Address (10th November 2014)
  • Hughes, D. (2014).Youth Skills Crisis, London: The Guardian and National Schools Partnership, Conference Keynote Address (6th November 2014)
  • Hughes, D. (2014). A UK perspective on careers policy, research and practice: achieving work inspiration for more young people, Seoul National University, South Korea: 3rd Career Education International Forum ‘The Encouragement of Employer Participation in the World of Work – Exploration of Students’ Career Development (24th June 2014)
  • Hughes, D. (2014). Evidence-based policy, research and practice: a key tenet of the progressive mindset. Chair and Contributor, International Conference in Guidance & Career Development, Québec, Canada, IAEVG (5th June 2014)
  • Hughes, D. (2014). National Careers Council: Reflections and Review of Progress Made by Government 2012- 2014, Derby: British Chamber of Commerce, Rolls Royce Careers Development Centre, Derby, Conference Keynote Address (4th April, 2014)
  • Hughes, D. (2014). An Aspirational Nation: Creating a culture change in careers provision – where next? EMFEC Annual Conference, Leicestershire (14th March, 2014)
  • Hughes, D. (2014). Transforming Careers Guidance in the UK: Workforce Development, Inside Government Conference, London (27th January 2014)
  • Hughes, D. (2013). The employment & skills challenge: a culture change in careers provision? Euroguidance Conference, Vienna, Austria (21st October, 2013)
  • Hughes, D. (2013). Making, Shaping and Showcasing Careers Services at Work, Skills in Focus Series, Glasgow, Scotland (23rd November 2013)
  • Hughes, D. (2013). Reflections on the Career Development Profession and Changing Careers Landscape, Second Annual Conference, Career Development Institute, Stratford-upon-Avon. (November, 2013)
  • Hughes, D., Bimrose, J., Goddard, T., & Kettunen, J. (2013). E-Careers Services Symposium: expanding the limits of design, technology and practice, CDAA Conference, Sydney, Australia (22nd May 2013)
  • Hughes, D. (2013). The Changing Careers Landscape: Where Next? LECAN Annual Schools Conference, Leeds (25th April 2013)
  • Hughes, D. (2013). Building the Evidence Base: Returns on Investment from Careers Guidance, NCGE European Conference, Dublin (March 2013)
  • Hughes, D. (2012). A global perspective: working to achieve impact with low-skilled adults, Tallinn, Estonia (22nd November, 2012)
  • Hughes, D. (2012). Legislation and statutory provisions in career guidance: making a difference to quality assurance and evidence in lifelong career guidance? Ankara, Turkey (9th October, 2012)
  • Hughes, D. (2012). National Consultation on Quality Standards in Lifelong Career Guidance, Ljubljana, Slovenia (19th September, 2012)
  • Hughes, D. (2010). The Evidence-Base for Careers Work, LernNetz, Brandenburg, Berlin Available at:
  • Hughes, D. (2008). Quality and Evidence in Careers Education and Guidance, Euroguidance, Riga, Latvia (14th– 15th May, 2008)
  • Hughes, D. (2007). The Fifth Counseling Arabia Conference, under the patronage of H.E. Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (18th-19th April, 2007)
  • Hughes, D. (2006). Shaping the Future: Connecting Career Development and Workforce Development: UK Country Paper, presented at the Third International Symposium on Career Development and Public Policy, Manly Pacific Hotel, Sydney, Australia. (April, 2006)
  • Hughes, D. (2006). The future of educational and career guidance: where next? Julie Hammill Memorial Lecture 2006, Malone House, Belfast. The Educational & Guidance Service for Adults, Belfast. (June, 2006)
  • Hughes, D. (2005). The development and use of indicators and benchmarks for career guidance in the UK. Paper presented at CEDEFOP/Bundesagentur fur Arbeit, Nuremberg, Germany. (October, 2005)
  • Hughes, D. (2005). Career guidance issues: A practical approach. Paper presented at Euro-guidance Malta Annual Conference, Valetta, Malta. (December 2005)
  • Hughes, D. (2005). Supporting lifelong learning through the development of lifelong guidance-UK expert report. Paper presented at the conference Peer review: Supporting lifelong learning through the development of guidance services in Latvia. Riga, Latvia. (November, 2005)
  • Hughes, D. (2003). Research & Knowledge on Lifelong Learning in the UK. Paper presented at the OECD & World Bank Conference, Toronto, Canada, based on issues related to ‘Measuring Outcomes from Careers Interventions’. Seminar presenter and rapporteur. (October, 2003)
  • Hughes, D. (2003). Connecting Policy and Practice: International Good Practice Career Guidance Policies. Paper presented in the ‘Acceding and Candidate Countries Conference’. Bratislava, Slovakia.

New-CareerJoint contributions

  • Hughes, D. & Bimrose, J. (2014). Why business, education and careers sector leaders must join forces: reducing zig zags. Paper and presentation workshop, Quebec: IAEVG Annual Conference (4th June, 2014)
  • Hughes, D. & Bimrose, J. (2012). First Annual Conference, Career Development Institute, Birmingham (November, 2012)
  • Hughes, D., Vuorinen, R., Borbély-Pecze, TB., & Zecirevic, M. (2012). Legislation and statutory provisions in career guidance: making a difference to social justice? IAEVG Conference, Mannheim, Germany (3rd – 6th October, 2012)
  • Hughes, D. & Bimrose, J. (2004). Effective Guidance Research: in search of new dialogue and meaning. Keynote presentation at the annual conference for the Institute of Career Guidance. Newcastle, UK September 2004. Visit: – p=42
  • Brown, A., Barnes, S.A., Bimrose, J., & Hughes, D. (2006). Supporting practice: National Guidance Research Forum website. Workshop at the Reimaging work: Living dreams, constructing futures.       AACC06 International Career Conference. Sydney, Australia. April 2006.
  • Bimrose, J, Barnes, S.A & Hughes, D. (2005). Does vocational guidance change lives? Evidence from a longitudinal case study in England. Paper presented at the Society of Psychology 7th Biennial Conference, University of British Columbia. Vancouver, Canada. June 2005
  • Barnes, S.A., Bimrose, J. & Hughes, D. (2004). Careers guidance: supported learning in the workplace, higher education and further education: Paper presented at the European Conference on Educational Research, University of Crete. Crete, Greece. September 2004.
  • Bimrose, J. Brown, A. & Hughes, D. (2004). Promoting evidence-based practice for careers work: UK National Guidance Research Forum. Paper presented at the International Association of Educational and Vocational Guidance and the National Career Development Association of North America. San Francisco, USA. July 2004.
  • Bimrose, J. & Hughes, D. (2004). What is effective guidance? Paper presented at the 21st Conference for the National Association for Educational Guidance for Adults. Northern Ireland, UK. October 2004.
  • Bimrose, J. & Hughes, D. (2004). Effective practice? Case-study research from England. Paper presented at the Annual conference for the National Career Development Association for North America. San Francisco, USA. July 2004.
  • Hughes, D. & Bimrose, J. (2003). Creating a National Career Database for the UK. Paper presented at the Quality Development in Vocational Counselling and Training IAEVG Conference, Berne, Switzerland. September 2003.
  • Hughes, D. & Morgan, S. (2000). Research to inform the development of the new Connexions Service. Paper presented at the DfEE Conference. London, UK. September 2000

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