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Evidence-based policy, research and practice: a key tenet of the progressive mindset

A decade ago the OECD (2014) published its seminal assessment of career guidance and public policy

Career Guidance and Public Policy: Bridging the Gap

Since then much has changed in our society. Austerity measures expect career guidance services to be cost-effective , returning more in economic and social benefits than they cost. Here’s a copy of my powerpoint slides designed to introduce some new ideas to help us radically rethink and be much bolder in re-engineering the evidence-base for careers work.

Working lifetimes are becoming 20% longer and the innovation cycle is getting much quicker. Talking with international colleagues and national experts on the ‘value-added proposition’ for 21st Century careers work. Your thoughts and ideas welcome. Happy to share materials.

Also, visit EU Policymakers Resource Kit

Evaluation, Research & Development

DMH & Associates Ltd offers high quality services drawing on the international, national and local evidence base for careers work. We work in partnership with a wide range of organisations to find innovative and practical ways of developing effective careers policies, research and practice.
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