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Why business, education and careers sector leaders must join forces: reducing zigzags

A joint statement published by the Careers Alliance with the support of a wide range of employers, professional bodies and Sector Skills Councils calls for collaborative action between professional careers advisers, employers and schools and colleges in providing careers advice and guidance to young people. Visit: Careers Alliance

PenguinsThe National Careers Council’s report to Government (2013), informed by senior leaders from industry, education and the careers sector, stated “The paper challenges employers, Government, education and the careers sectors to act boldly and decisively in framing a more coherent national and local careers offer for young people and adults” (p.3).

“The Council has reviewed extensive evidence and consultation has concluded that this service needs to be expanded significantly to support schools, colleges and young people. In order to help this process it is proposed that a strategic body comprising senior representatives from education and employers and the careers profession help guide the work of the service ensuring it meets the needs of young people, adult and employers” (p. 4).

“None of this will be possible without government, education, employers and the careers sector working together. We need to create a movement for change” (p. 5).

Co-incidentally, Professor Jenny Bimrose, Warwick University IER, and I co-delivered a session on this topic at an international conference held in Canada two weeks ago, ‘ Why business, education and careers sector leaders must join forces: reducing zigzags’.

If you want a copy of the ppt simply send me an email and I’ll gladly forward this to you.

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