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A new Careers Action Plan for England

Press Release: Council established by the Government to advise it on careers provision calls for urgent culture change to improve careers provision, especially for young people.

10th September

Today the Skills Minister (Matthew Hancock MP) issued a formal response to the report and recommendations of the National Careers Council and the Ofsted reports on careers provision across England.

The Council was established by Government in May 2012 to provide advice on the National Careers Service and wider careers support services for young people and adults in England. The Minister has accepted the Council’s main recommendations set out in ‘An Aspirational Nation’ report and reaffirmed the Council’s call for a culture change in careers provision.
His response comes on the same day Ofsted publishes its ‘Careers Thematic Review’.

Dr Deirdre Hughes, OBE, and Chair, National Careers Council for England says, “Urgent action is needed. Whilst the Council is pleased that the Government has accepted its recommendations it notes the real work lies ahead to support schools, colleges and universities to provide impartial and independent career guidance to students. The Council looks forward to working with Government to ensure the suggested practical steps outlined in the report are implemented.

The ultimate goal is to reduce mismatch and major skills gaps in our economy which necessitates ‘all round’ greater connectivity to the labour market. Achieving improved access to high quality careers guidance should help reduce market failure. The Government has an important responsibility to ensure this current and future generation of young people (and adults) are prepared well to be resilient and adaptable in fast changing education and employment markets.”

Bringing together senior leaders from business, education and careers providers is crucial in taking forward the action needed to implement the Government’s proposed new Careers Action Plan across England.

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